Change Your Reality in 30 Minutes

Relax and listen to a nurturing guided meditation that awakens your heart, mind, and spirit.

You will gently be guided into awareness of your own soul's wisdom in a recorded experience which:

Aligns you with current astrological energies - to support body, mind, emotion, spirit integration

Facilitates expanded awareness - so you can see things from a new perspective and shift old patterns

Effortlessly aligns you with positive outcomes - so you can easily discover solutions to challenges you face

Meditation for the January 5

Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

The Ability to Respond

— $33.00—

This New Moon with five planets in Capricorn brings an opportunity to lay the foundations, get organized, and make plans for something you want to bring into being. Through the limitations of the physical world, we learn more about the truth of who we are. This meditation will help you see how what challenges you is also your way through to living your life’s purpose.

Listen now to this reality shifting meditation.

  • Marina has been developing her unique approach to guided visualization for over 20 years.

  • This remarkable combination of energy healing and astrology is something you just won’t find anywhere else.

  • NO experience with astrology or meditation is required. Simply allow yourself to relax and open to the experience.